Over 20 Years of History

About Us

From the first service until now the Spirit of God has moved and added souls to this part of the vineyard.

Our Mission

The mission of the Faith Temple is to provide an environment that promotes spiritual growth through prayer, praise, and worship. The organization, as ordained by God, has been established to strengthen its members with spiritual tools and resources as they lead others to Christ and build the Kingdom of God.

Faith Temple is “Kingdom Building” focused. We are committed to leading others to Christ by example and training. Faith Temple is focused on the spiritual, physical, social, and mental needs of mankind. This ministry’s offering programs are designed to educate and inspire our members to become Christ-like productive citizens.


The National Fellowship Churches of God, Inc. (NFCOG) is a governing parent organization for Bible-based churches of all denominations – supporting mission, member, and covenant churches in providing spiritual guidance, education through its Bible Institute, and various ministries including its Uth4Christ youth group.